Stolen Identity: A 33-Year Con

Identity Thief Lived as a Different Man for 33 Years

An identity thief in Michigan lived as a different man for over three decades, fooling friends, family, and authorities. The man, whose real name is John Doe, stole the identity of another man, Jane Smith, in the 1980s. He used Smith’s social security number and other personal information to create a new identity for himself, complete with a driver’s license, credit cards, and even a passport.

For 33 years, Doe lived as Jane Smith, building a life for himself under this false identity. He married, had children, and held a steady job, all the while evading suspicion from those around him. It wasn’t until a routine background check revealed discrepancies in his records that the truth came to light.

Doe is now facing charges for identity theft and fraud, and the real Jane Smith is left to pick up the pieces of her stolen identity. The case serves as a stark reminder of the dangers of identity theft and the importance of safeguarding personal information.

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